The chocolates are made fresh each week and can be beautifully packaged in ribboned boxes of either 10, 15 or 30 chocolates, priced at £14,  £20, £38 respectively.  There will usually be 3 flavours available at any time.   They can either be collected or posted to you or to a friend.  We can enclose a hand-written note if required.  To purchase or for more information, please see How to Buy page or call or email.  

This is a sample selection of our chocolates.

     •     Sea Salt & Muscovado Caramel

     •     Maple syrup ganache with Pecan

     •     Plain, dark Ganache

     •     Rosemary & Olive  ganache                      

     •     Cardamom ganache                   

     •     Orange & Fennel ganache


Our delicious ganache flavours are created using herbs, spices and fruits (fresh whenever possible) in fresh cream which is then combined with the premium chocolate, and a little local honey and salt where needed.   These are then dipped by hand or used to fill moulds using yet more luxurious chocolate.  

We are committed to using no artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives.  Unlike nearly all other chocolates ours contain no soya or other lecithin - once you have tried them it may be difficult to go back to mainstream confectionary!

Because they contain only fresh, natural ingredients our fresh cream ganache chocolates are best eaten within 7 days of purchase.  They should be eaten at room temperature but, in the unlikely event that you need to store them, kept cool.

     •     Lemon & Sea Salt Ganache

          Hazelnut Praline

     •     Blood Orange ganache

     •     Passionfruit ganache          

     •     Bergamot ganache

        Opihr Gin Ganache