Our bars are stocked exclusively at:

2 North Parade Food Store, North Parade, Oxford

Our range of chocolate bars is ever-growing, flavoured with herbs, spices, essential oils, fruits, nuts, teas, coffee ....  the possibilities are endless!  Two sizes now available, 100g and 50g (approx weight).  The chocolate contains no soy or other lecithin.

We cannot guarantee all the following will be available, to purchase or for stock enquiries, please call or email.

Large bar flavours include:

100% Panama (Duffy Red Star Chocolate)

Plain;  Sea Salt;  Almonds & Sea Salt;  Orange.

80% Organic (Original Beans)

Plain; Sea Salt;  Hazel & Sea Salt;  Fruit & Nut.

75% Porcelana Organic (Original Beans)

Just Plain, it's so delicious!

70% (Amedei)

Toscano Black Plain;  Sea Salt;  Pistachio and Rose Petals;  Crystalised Ginger;  Fennel & Orange;  Almonds & Sea Salt;  Coffee;  Cardamom;  Bergamot & Sea Salt.

55% Organic Milk (Original Beans)

Plain Milk;  Sea Salt;  Hazel & Sea Salt;  Coffee.

37% Organic White (Original Beans)

Strawberry and Pink Peppercorns;  Pistachio & Rose;  Pink Himalayan Salt;  Black Sesame.

Small bar flavours include:  


Plain; Sea Salt

80% Organic

Plain;  Sea Salt;  Hazel & Sea Salt


Toscano plain;  Sea Salt;  Bergamot & Sea Salt;  Cardamom;  

Almonds & Sea Salt;  Coffee.

55% Organic Milk

Plain Milk;  Sea Salt;  Hazel & Sea Salt;  Coffee beans

37% Organic White

Strawberries and Pink Peppercorns;  Himalayan Pink Salt;  Black Sesame.