Plantation Chocolates is an award-winning, fine chocolate company based in Oxford.  Our delicious hand-made chocolates are created using traditional artisan methods and only the very finest ingredients.  With a little imagination and a lot of passion we create small batches of highly addictive delights.


We start by buying the best chocolate we can source.  The delicious 70% chocolate is made by award-winning company Amedei in Italy, considered to be one of the very best producers of fine chocolate in the world.  The organic milk, wonderful organic white, organic 75% and organic 80% chocolate are all made by Original Beans, “a company that is making the world better through chocolate” according to Business Week, whilst also producing very fine, award-winning chocolate.  We have also just started buying chocolate from UK producer Duffy to expand the range even further, with an amazing 100% from Panama (cocoa beans and nothing else).

Starting with such premium ingredients it is then vital that we maintain an equally high standard in the recipes for our pralines, ganache chocolates and bars.